The Coldbrook Community Association is an elected by registered with joint stocks. It meets at the Heritage  Hall and hosts public meetings 4 times a year – the annual general meeting plus 3 other quarterly meetings. The CCA helps maintain the playgrounds in 4 subdivisions and the Crosby Walking Trail. All members of Coldbrook are invited to attend the meetings. Come and help make informed decisions about your community. The CCA is conducting a survey about recreation needs in Coldbrook. The survey can be found at


Daryl Fraser – Chair      Email
Leslie Wade – Vice-Chair
Cheyauna Lowe- Treasurer
Pamela Davison – Secretary
Richard Burton – Director
Katherin Grace – Director
Doug Holland – Director
Ralph Hayden – Director
Gary Meister – Director

A Short History – The Rate Payers Association of Coldbrook was revived in January 1997. On January 20, 1999, at a Rate Payers meeting (150 present) the community was asked if they wished to become a village. (As of  April 1999, the provincial government village Status was replaced by the Municipal Government Act – no more villages.) The residents rejected this proposal. Over time, the Rate Payers Association has evolved into a Recreation Commission and now into the Community Association. The Community Association operates on a $20 per household levy that was originally created for recreation. 

CCA Constitution and By-Laws

CCA Financial Statement Dec 2017

Minutes of the CCA Meetings

CCA Minutes March 28, 2016

CCA Minutes May 5th, 2016

CCA Quarterly Meeting June 8th 2016

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CCA Minutes January 2017

CCA AGM 2017

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