There were a variety of lumber mills in the Coldbrook area: Huntington Mill, Jackson Mill, Loomer Mill, Ogilvie Mill and Hayes Mill. One mill, Hayes Mill was built around 1898 as a steam-powered sawmill. It had a long history of supplying lumber and wood products. In 1976 the mill was closed down, the machinery was sold, and most of the buildings were removed. Around 1989 the property (building and 10 acres) was purchased by the Municipality of Kings for $125,000. The property was then named Huntington Hayes Park and leased to the Recreation Commission of Coldbrook.

The Coldbrook Recreation Commission developed a plan to improve recreation in Coldbrook by developing the 10-acre site and rebuilding the large planing mill and turning it into a community hall. The Master Plan stated: The rapid growth of the community has established the need for this park. The community has tripled in size in the last five to ten years, causing overbooking at the Community Hall (Heritage Hall), inadequate soccer facilities, and a real need for a baseball diamond. The Recreation Commission began work on this major fundraising project by seeking grants, donations, and organizing many community fundraisers.

It was estimated that the cost to rebuild to was around $125,000. Many community members gave hours of their time working at the site donating labour and\or attending the local fundraisers. Local groups (Coldbrook Lions, Coldbrook Apple Valley Seniors) wanted access to a large meeting room so an extra 15 feet was added to the building so these two groups could share the meeting space. The total value of the project was estimated at over $300,000. Suggested use for the rest of the building was for Coldbrook Recreation such as youth groups, community service groups. Over the years Huntington Hayes Park was used for soccer, baseball, football, and rugby. The building has been used for special occasions (breakfasts, dinners, dances, elections).

In 2017 the present Coldbrook Community Association did not renew the lease for Huntington Hayes Park and it was turned over to the Lions Club. The Lions Club continues to have monthly breakfasts and dances and maintained an outdoor skating rink for the last few years.

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